SZI 1029-EU-W

Article No. 004076

SZI 1029-EU-W

4 spare parts available

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Free warranty service
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Most products are covered by a 2 year warranty.
To make a warranty claim you must provide a valid proof of purchase.
Please see our full warranty terms and conditions here:
Your product may be repaired or exchanged.
If your warranty claim is not approved you will receive a cost estimate from us.

Non warranty service with cost estimate

You must send the product to us to assess the work required and calculate the repair cost.
If the repair cost is below 100 €/£/$ we will not provide an estimate.
If the repair cost is more than 100 €/£/$ we will provide an estimate. You must approve the estimate before we proceed with the work.
If you prefer to pre-authorise a repair, please indicate the maximum charge you would pay in the comments section of the checkout.

Spare parts

Main cable black 1.8m  UK

Main cable black 1.8m UK


Article No. 556917

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Mains cable black 1.8m EU

Mains cable black 1.8m EU


Article No. 549345

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Netzkabel black 1.8m      US

Netzkabel black 1.8m US


Article No. 556918

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Article No. 700169

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Attention! Due to the complexity of the repair, some of the spare parts shown can only be replaced by specialist workshops. In this case, please contact your nearest Sennheiser Service Center.